The training which I design and deliver can be subdivided into two large areas:

  1. training regarding the management, organisation and efficiency enhancement of human resources

  2. technical training

All training is designed and delivered with an “engineering” approach, further to an analysis of the needs to identify any current criticalities and issues to be resolved. The duration depends on the depth of discussion of the topics covered and, like the delivery procedures, is agreed with the client on the basis of the needs analysis and his requirements. Every training day includes exercises and case studies designed around the company concerned, with active engagement of participants throughout the course. At the end of every training day, participants are given an assessment questionnaire (which can be consigned anonymously) to evaluate the course and the trainer, and also gather suggestions for future days. The material discussed is also consigned in digital format (PDF file).

In agreement with the company, a follow-up day is held about 4/6 months after courses to analyse the results achieved and correct any criticalities still present.

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