The recruitment process is crucial for any business. It is a complex, sensitive process which requires careful design and execution, agreed in advance with the company. Within this process, I am able to recruit for roles from production line work to top management.


I write and publish the job advertisement in agreement with the company management, screen CVs, hold the recruitment interviews and then select the candidate considered best suited for the position (or present a shortlist of the candidates considered most suitable). In all these various activities, I consider the three essential factors for recruitment of the staff best fitted to the company's needs and expectations:

  • knowledge and skills;
  • abilities;
  • motivation.

In some cases, an interview intended to assess the person’s abilities may be followed by another which assesses the more “technical” knowledge/skills which the position requires; in this second interview I often support the relevant company managers.

For recruitment, I use a variety of techniques borrowed from Neuro-Linguistic Programming or Transactional Analysis, using engineering-based methods for the assessment of candidates.

When requested by companies I also use Assessment Center, an assessment method that evaluates possession of the knowledge/skills, abilities and motivations needed for a professional role. The Assessment may be individual or group and allows analysis and measurement of candidates’ skills, abilities, motivations and potential by means of a kind of “test” in which they (in the case of a group Assessment) are required to work together to resolve specific situations presented to them. This all takes place under the watchful eyes of “observers”, who assess the candidates by means of a scoring system. The Assessment Center process consists of several phases, from definition of the skills and abilities required to writing of the documentation necessary, choice of the location where the meeting will be held, running of the meeting itself, and selection of the most suitable candidates. When companies ask me to be involved in the Assessment, I handle the planning and running of the entire process, in agreement with the company contacts, following a series of rules to ensure that the operation is both effective and efficient.

As well as for recruitment, I also use this method for mapping the human resources within a business: as already mentioned, it is useful for measuring staff’s skills and abilities and planning possible career developments.

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