Conflict management

Conflicts within companies may have various causes: lack of clarity on the objectives to be achieved, or on “who does what”, differences in method, culture or experience, or poor interpersonal relations, to mention just a few. Conflict is not always negative, but it must definitely be recognised and managed. The aim of the course is to provide suitable techniques and tools for managing, and if possible preventing, conflict. Conflict is an emotionally draining experience and its connotations depend on how it is managed. Dealing with and resolving a conflict effectively - i.e. coming up with a win-win situation - enables the people involved to grow. On the other hand, if a conflict is ignored or badly managed, it may generate a problem which is difficult and complicated to resolve. Managing a conflict effectively means finding a new opportunity for growth.

Managers, team builders, executives, foremen, and everyone who has to manage teams and resolve any conflicts which arise within them.


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