Time management

German philosopher, theologian and man of letters Johann Gottfried Herder stated: “The two grand tyrants of the Earth: time and chance”. Time is a more and more valuable resource within companies, and many people maintain it is in short supply: to stop it becoming a tyrant, it must be planned and managed efficiently and effectively, ensuring that it is not wasted. The aim of the Time management course is to provide suitable techniques and tools for managing working time to prevent time-wasting and delays. The most valuable resource for anyone at work is time, and the shortage of time for managing staff, for updating skills, for handling customer relationships, and for focusing on the most strategic side of one’s role, is a challenge facing us all, and a challenge we must overcome! Time management skills are therefore a necessity and a priority.

Everyone working within the business, because, as Theophrastus (the Greek philosopher and botanist) put it: “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”.


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