Holder of an engineering degree, I am a self-employed professional who has been working in the field of Human Resources for more than twenty-five years.

I supply consultingtraining and recruitment services to companies, first analysing their needs and then designing tailor-made ad hoc training courses exactly fitted to the client’s requirements and goals. Every course includes case studies and exercises specifically designed for each individual organisation, and the efficacy of the course and the trainer’s skills are assessed through compilation of a specific questionnaire.

In terms of consulting, I work in both management and HR organisation, in the role of problem solver.

As recruiter, I handle the entire recruitment process, starting from analysis of the skills and abilities required, through to publication of the advertisement, screening of CVs, interviewing and selection of the most suitable candidate for the position. I also plan and run Assessment Center sessions if and when required.

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I am also a mental coach, a role which is gaining more and more importance within organisations as well as in sports, to ensure that individuals perform up to their full potential.

I love my work deeply, because I believe in the potentials and growth of people, who are and remain the true value of every business.