Managing emotions and stress

The management of emotions and stress, or what US psychologist, author and journalist Daniel Goleman describes as “emotional intelligence”, is an essential skill for everyone working within the company, at any level on the hierarchical scale (even more so in the case of managers, executives and team leaders). Recognising and managing your emotions is fundamental and recognising and managing other people’s emotions (with the acceptance and cooperation of the person involved) is decisive for any staff member who manages other staff. The aim of the course is to provide suitable techniques and tools for managing emotions and stress, to give us control over our own emotional side and that of others. It is important to neutralise negative and boost positive emotions, and emotional intelligence, meaning the ability to recognise the meaning of emotions and their relations, and to use them to analyse and resolve problems, is crucial.

Everyone who works within the company and experiences stressful situations and negative emotions and, in more general terms, everyone who needs to recognise their own emotions and those of others (managers, team builders, executives and foremen).



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