Every employee working at every level within the company must feel empowered and responsible; this is essential for the achievement of the objectives in which he or she is involved. The aim of the course is to provide suitable techniques and tools for the implementation of a process of empowerment and the embracing of responsibility, necessary for the achievement of the goals set. Empowerment is a monitored, gradual process by which skills, autonomy and responsibilities are transferred to the employee; its effects in terms of the growth and motivation of staff are crucial. Employees must be enabled to work in a context which reinforces and develops their potential and thus their performance. The key transition is from empowerment to engagement: from the acceptance and sharing of responsibilities to feeling an integral, active part of the company. When combined, engagement and empowerment allow the pursuit of excellence.

Everyone working for the company, in both production and managerial roles, because, although on different levels and in different ways, empowerment affects all staff throughout the hierarchical scale.


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