Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Today, People and Processes are the real value added of a modern company which wants to be up-to-date and customer-focused. However, processes, must be managed and made as effective and efficient as possible. This means, amongst other things, reducing times and costs: two key factors for any business!

The BPR course is generally divided into two parts:

  • theory
  • practice

The duration is agreed directly with the client on the basis of the degree of depth of coverage desired and the delivery procedures. During both the theoretical and the practical parts of the course, participants are offered exercises taken from within their own company.

The theory part provides the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for analysing an existing (“as is”) process, identifying its criticalities, and reengineering the process studied after resolving the issues identified, thus creating a “new” (“to be”) process.

The programme is structured as follows

Module 1
Process reengineering: background scenario

  • Definition of process reengineering;
  • main characteristics of process reengineering;
  • reasons for applying BPR;
  • main problems in the application of reengineering;
  • how to apply BPR

Module 2
General aspects of the BPR method

  • Phase 1: choice of action;
  • Phase 2: diagnosis of criticalities and priorities;
  • Phase 3: process reengineering

Module 3
Recommendations for the use of the BPR method

  • Managing the BPR project;
  • Adapting the method.

The practical part involves the use of open source software which enables participants to map processes in accordance with the international BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) standard.
At the end of each course, participants are given an assessment form to survey their level of satisfaction.

Managers, heads of functions, process owners and, in general, everyone who wishes to map and optimise business processes for the purposes of continual improvement.


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