Sales techniques

During the last few years, in a transition that is still ongoing, “salesmen”, in the traditional sense, have increasingly had to transform themselves into “sales consultants”, to offer customers not just a product/service but rather a satisfying experience which creates and maintains their loyalty. The aim of the Sales techniques course is to provide tools for effective sales and the creation of loyal customers. Sales techniques can be managed and improved through communication with the counterparty, learning to offer the customer advantages and benefits (bearing in mind the advantages and benefits for the company) and overcoming any objections to obtain final agreement. Knowledge and application of the right communication strategies is necessary to create agreement and a relationship that generates trust between salesman and customer. The overall aim is therefore to use an ethical, empathetic, construction approach, to grow customer loyalty.

Everyone working in sales and in direct contact with the cilentele (sales consultants, call centre operators, etc.)



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