Problem solving

Problem solving is one of the skills everyone working for a company needs, regardless of their position or role. Problems and criticalities are an integral part of every employee’s daily work, and solving them effectively and efficiently transforms results! The aim of the Problem Solving course is to provide techniques and tools for the effective resolution of the problems of various kinds which may occur within a business. It covers an introduction to the foundations of logical thought, data analysis skills and the know-how needed to find alternative solutions to problems that arise in the workplace. An innovative problem solving process comprises six phases: detecting the problem; defining the problem; breaking the problem down into sub-problems; eliminating the causes; producing ideas for solving the problems; and the adoption of solutions and the planning of the consequent actions. Looking for a solution to the problem is therefore just one of the six phases in a much more complex, structured process.

Everyone working for the company, since, although in different ways, problems and criticalities are part of everyone’s daily work.


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